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To Provide Better Financial Services

  • High loan amount:

    Loan amount up to 1,000,000N
  • Fast approval:

    Getting a loan in minutes
  • Paperless apply:

    Application will be processed in minutes with no

Why Choose OKash

  • Fast Loan approval

  • Dedicated Team

  • 24/7 Supports

Trusted by thousands of Nigerians

I am glad I found OKash. I was able to get a loan in minutes to solve my business problem and avoid embarrassment. With OKash I no longer need to beg friends and family for soft loan in moments of emergencies. Thank you OKash.

Opportunity of Loan Cancellation

OKash allows a maximum period of 24 hours from the moment of disbursement within which the loan can be cancelled. If you have applied for the loan by mistake, please repay the principal within 24hours, then contact our customer service at your earliest convenience to clear the loan.

Courteous Loan Collection Process

OKash does not tolerate any form of inappropriate or illegal collections. If you have experienced any form of harassment or other form of abusive language, threats to your privacy and safety while using the OKash service, please save the evidence and immediately contact our customer service department. We will investigate the matter, and where we confirm that the abuse originated from an OKash staff, undertake appropriate disciplinary and remedial measures.

OKash reserves the right of final interpretation for all the rules above.


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